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AyushEHR uses many terms all through the application to represent different concepts that the application works with. Those that are commonly used in clinical practice are used used in the same or similar context. However there are many other terms that have been chosen to represent distinct concepts and functionality in AyushEHR. Some of these, though common, may represent more than their commonly understood meaning.

This page lists the ones that we feel are important to fully understand the capabilities of the application and navigate them comfortably. Happy reading

  • Episode – Each stay in AyushEHR is referred to as an episode of care. Every time a person visits you for a specific reason/period you can create a new episode for the concerned guest. In healthcare domain an Episode of Care is understood to includes all services provided to a patient for one or more problems within a specific period of time.
  • Current agenda – Current agenda shows the entire list of activities which has been scheduled during an episode for a particular guest. This can be viewed as a table or a list based on date and time.
  • Registration form – Registration form is filled for every episode by the front office. It is used to collect the basic details like the purpose of visit and any special requests which is made by the guest. It also enables the resort to collect enough information to provide a comfortable stay to the guest. Once completed, it can also be shared with the guest through email, printed or downloaded.
  • Health form – Health form can be used to gather complete health information of the guest before the commencement of the episode. It includes details such as Allergies, History, Substance use pattern, Wellness details, Summary of activities and Food intake pattern and is intended to help doctors plan an agenda for the episode.
  • Wellness consult – Wellness consult is used by the doctors to record the details of the guest’s initial wellness consultation after checking into the resort. It has provision to record details like Complaints, Diagnosis, Medications, Clinical notes , Vitals etc. Using Wellness consult form doctors can capture the detailed information on the guest’s health to help them in giving personalized care. Once completed, it can also be shared with the guest through email, printed or downloaded.
  • Daily progress notes – Daily progress note enables the doctor to record the notes on the guest’s health on a daily basis as the treatment progresses. The daily progress note can be used by the care team and therapist to make changes to the treatment on a continuous basis. It includes modules such as Complaints, Treatment completed, Current medications, Vitals and Progress Note.
  • Feedback – Guests can give feedback to the therapist regarding the therapy which they have undergone. The feedback module is used to record this in AyushEHR. Feedback can be gathered directly from the guests, if they are given a login in AyushEHR or by the doctors or therapist on behalf of the guest. Feedback enables the resort to improve their service based on their guests feedback and suggestions.
  • Timeline view – Timeline view displays the guest’s episodes/visits on a timeline. Each time the guest revisits a new episode is created for them and AyushEHR creates a timeline view of all these episodes. The timeline view enables you to go through each episodes and see the past history of the treatments undergone by the guest on previous visits and prepare for the upcoming visit.
  • Case sheet – Case sheet contains the complete EHR of the patient grouped as per different clinical modules. It enables understanding of the complete health history of the guest and includes 25+ modules such as Past-History, Current-Status, Investigations, Orders, Notes etc.
  • Summary – Summary gives snapshot of the key health related data of the guest and allows one to get a quick overview. The modules currently included in summary are Special requests, Diagnoses, Allergies & Medications.
  • Guest list-current – Guest List Current gives details of the guest who have an active episode – either ongoing or scheduled for a future date. Guest list-current gives an idea of the projected occupancy of the resort and can be used for capacity planning. To help the users, a red indicator is shown against any item that requires their attention.
  • Guest list-all – Guest list-all contains complete the list of a resort’s guests and enables the user to search and find them. The user can search using first name/last name/email id or phone number of the guest. This feature helps to avoid duplication of leads. You can also register new guests from this screen.
  • Master agenda – Master Agenda helps you manage the daily agenda of the resort. It gives a unified view of the activities planned for different guests for a day. The user can also add new and/or modify existing activities from master agenda. Availability of therapists and facilities are checked to avoid overlap and help improve resource utilization while working with master agenda.
  • Common activities – Common activities represents the general activities planned for all the guests currently in the resort. Common activities happen at common venues and are generally open for any guest to participate. They usually happen at regular times and provides an opportunity for guests to socialize. AyushEHR provides a unified interface to view and manage the organization’s common activities.
  • Pickup/drop – Resorts that provide pickup/drop facility for guests can view and manage them here. Apart from recording all guest related details such as location and time for the drivers, their schedules can also be managed here.
  • My activities – This is a personalized task list that AyushEHR creates for every staff in your organization. This task list created out of the activities planned and assigned in Master agenda, Common activities & Pickup/drop. My activities allows every staff member to view and update their activities as they go through their daily schedule. It helps them plan their day and help them accomplish all their tasks at the scheduled time.
  • My feedbacks – This is a collection of all the feedback which is given by guests for the activities that a user has been involved in. It is intended enable the staff to understand how the guests perceive them and allow them to give more personalized care to the guests. Resorts can use this to create a feedback loop for continuous improvement of their service levels.
  • All activities – This is a daily list of the activities planned for all the users of the resort and is generally available only to the users with the right privileges. All activities enables management to monitor and mange the resort activities in real time. Delayed activities are flagged with red to help the managers.
  • All feedbacks – All feedbacks is another useful tool for the management to improve the quality of service at the resort. The feedbacks gathered from across the resort is assimilated and presented in one interface for the management for implementing incentives, bonus or training to the staff.
  • Staff scheduled – Staff scheduled displays the daily schedule of all staff in a graphical, easy to understand view. This is again a tool for the management to monitor the utilization of staff and identify free slots for any staff. This view gets updated dynamically as activities are planned and assigned to staff.
  • Room availability – Room availability displays the occupancy schedule of all the rooms in the resort for 30 days starting the selected date. The graphical view allows easy identification of free rooms and also allow booking a guest in directly. This feature can be used by the front office to book new guests and also allow the management to view updated occupancy map of the resort.
  • Reports – As AyushEHR is used to run a resort’s business, lot of data gets accumulated. Reports providean insight into this data to help the management make better managerial decisions and budgets. Typical reports available with AyushEHR include Staff, Facility, Activity, Activities by Classes, Episode, Bed Occupancy, Room Occupancy, Package, Geography, Guest by Month, Guest by Age, Guest by Stay Duration. All these reports and dynamic and updated at all times
  • Dashboard– Dashboard gives a live 360 degree view of the entire resort’s operations. It can play a vital role in improving the services. In a glance multiple parameters can be monitored graphically to help managements make better managerial decisions.
  • Session – Session is the time allocated to a particular activity for eg :- Yoga session, Consultation session, Cokking session, Fitness session etc.

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