How to avoid duplication while scheduling of therapy rooms & yoga venues

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AyushEHR dynamically tracks the utilization and checks the availability of facilities while scheduling the agenda of the resort. There may be a lot of activities that are planned for different guests in the resort every day. AyushEHR makes this process easy by avoiding conflicts and duplication.

Once you log in to AyushEHR, you get multiple menu items on the left menu for planning of different types of activities. These include Master Agenda, Common activities & Pickup/Drop. When you click on these, you will be taken to the tabular view of existing tasks along with an option to create new ones. When you click on “+Create ” button, the create activity acreen is displayed on the right side of the screen with options depending upon the menu that you have chosen.

You can fill the form and click on complete to create an activity. In this process, If the chosen facility has another activity already planned for the same slot, AyushEHR will display the warning “Facility is busy. Choose another one”. You can now choose another facility for the activity and avoid duplication.


  1. Log in to AyushEHR
  2. Click on Master agenda | Common activities | Pickup/Drop
  3. Click on “+Create”
  4. Fill in the required information
  5. Select the facility
  6. If the same Facility is utilized it would show ” Facility is busy. Choose another. ”
  7. Click on “Complete” to schedule the activity

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