How to create an episode of care for your guests/patients to track their stay?

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AyushEHR follows the universal healthcare concept of episode of care to track your guest’s stay in your resort. This article shows you how to create an episode and manage it’s status for your guest so that you are able to give a personalized care experience to your guests.

The screenshot shows how to create an episode for a guest who is planning to visit your resort. As soon as a guest is scheduled to visit your resort, you can create an episode for the guest. If it is a returning guest you can search to find them and if it is a new guest you can register them fresh to start creating an episode for them.

The episode list can be accessed through the actions button against the guest. By clicking the create button, you can initiate the creation of a new episode. After entering details such as the package, allotted room, episode duration, status of the episode and booking related details you can save the episode. The status of the episode reflects the booking status and is used to track the visit.

Once you have entered all the details of the customer and successfully created an episode, AyushEHR will show the details of the episode in the episode list of the guest. The list includes details such as package, status and duration of the newly created episode.

AyushEHR does not allow the creation of two care episodes with overlapping start and end dates for the same person. Any person with an active episode status (Planned | Confirmed | Checked in) will be automatically added to the Current guest list of your resort. Once an episode is created, you can use the episode list to keep the status updated as the guest goes through it and close it once the episode is complete.

The screenshot on the rights shows how you can view and confirm(or cancel) a planned episode. The options available for status change are context specific and depend on the episode’s current status. You can click on the ‘confirm’ button to move the episode from a planned status to confirmed status.


  1. Login to AyushEHR
  2. Search a returning guest or register a new guest
  3. Click on ‘Actions>Manage episode’
  4. Click new from the episode list
  5. Fill the necessary details and click complete
  6. Click on the episode
  7. In the episode details screen use available buttons to change the status of the episode

Note: Alternatively, you may also access the episode list from the respective patient space of the selected guest to create/manage their episodes.

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