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While working with AyushEHR to manage your resort , you might come across doubts, problems or bugs that affect your work. If such things are brought to our notice, we can address them at the earliest for the benefit of all the users.

To this end we enable you to report such things to us from within the application and with minimal impact to your work. You can use this feature in situations such as..

  • to have a better understanding of any feature
  • provide feedback to make the application better
  • report a bug or
  • request a new feature.

To access this option you need to be logged into the application. Please read this article to learn more about logging in.

When you need to use this feature, click on ‘?’ icon at the top right pane of your application and select ‘Ask question or give feedback’ option.

This will open a feedback from as shown below

The help menu in AyushEHR Resort

While creating the report, first the subject is to be given and in the message box details of problems, feedback and queries can be filled. You may also attach a file to support your message to help in addressing your queries and problems.

Once all details are added, you can click on the send button to complete the feedback.

Submitting a support/feedback


  1. Log in to your account of AyushEHR
  2. Click on the ‘?’ symbol on top right panel
  3. Select the ‘Ask question/give feedback’ option.
  4. A feedback box would appear on the screen
  5. Enter the subject and message details 
  6. You can also attach file to the message by clicking on the attach file button on the bottom left corner of the feedback box.
  7. Finally click on the ‘Send’ button. 

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