How to login to AyushEHR as a staff in an organization

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To access the functionality provided by AyushEHR Resort application for your work, you need to login as a staff. This document explains how to do this.

  • The below login screen gets displayed once you access the URL or link provided to you
  • Enter your username and resortId separated by a ‘/’ and a password and click on the login button.

Note : The resort name is required to identify the organization that the user is logging into. Even if the doctor is visiting multiple locations, he/she needn’t have different username, but can change the institution name as required.

AyushEHR will authenticate your credentials to log you in and take you to your default page of the application. The default page is usually set to Guest list – current if not specifically set for your role.

Guest list – current screen


  1. Go to
  2. In the login screen enter username with the respective resortId separated by a ‘/’ in the username field
  3. Enter the password
  4. Click on Log in. 

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