How to manage the daily activity agenda of the organization

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AyushEHR includes many tools to streamline your operations and deliver a personalized care experience to your patrons. This document introduces ‘Master Agenda’ – the agenda and task management module. Master agenda module gives you an overview of a days full agenda for the entire organization, help you plan activities for each guest’s stay and enables it’s monitoring and management from one place.

This feature can be accessed from the ‘Master agenda’ link in your AyushEHR account and displays the daily agenda for the current date. From this screen you will be able to view and manage the daily activities planned for all the guests in the resort.

The grid view includes guest name, their room number and activities as per the time slots. You can view the agenda for other dates by scrolling the date displayed above the grid.

Daily master agenda

You can view more details of the activity by hovering your mouse over the ‘i’ icon on the scheduled slots.

You can view/edit full details of the planned activities by clicking on it. You can create a new activity by clicking on any empty slot in the grid.

The module comes with a variety of configuration options to manage what is displayed on the grid.

View/edit agenda items


  1. Login to AyushEHR
  2. Click on Master Agenda
  3. Master agenda for current date is displayed. Choose dates to display the day’s agenda
  4. Mouse over the ‘i’ icon on the task to view more details
  5. Click on any activity to display details
  6. Schedule new activities by clicking on any empty slot
  7. Use configuration options to manage grid display

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