How to plan and schedule personalized agenda for guests?

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During an episode of care, each guest is advised or assigned certain activities or therapies. The detailed schedule of all such activities is known as episode agenda for the guest. In order to manage the entire stay of your guests effectively, you need to plan an agenda for them properly. AyushEHR software allows you to create personalized agenda for each of your guests. This article explains how to do this.

To plan the agenda for a guest, he/she should be already registered and should have an active episode. In case you are not familiar with this, please read the appropriate How tos. The AyushEHR module to use for managing guest agenda is the Master agenda, which can be accessed from the left side menu once you are logged into the application.

Master agenda gives you per day view of all the guest activities in an easy to view grid format. The left side has a list of the guests who are expected to be in the resort on the selected day and on the available time slots on the top. The cells against any guest represent their time slots where the activities can be scheduled. The slots with already planned activities are shown as busy and display the details of the activity.

You can click on any empty slot in master agenda to display the activity create screen on the right panel of the screen. In this form, the guest name, date and time will be pre-selected based on the slot that you clicked. You can select the service, schedule venue and assign teachers/therapist for the activity before saving it to the master agenda. You can change the master agenda date using the arrow buttons on the top bar of master agenda.

When an activity is scheduled using master agenda, it is also added to the episode agenda of the guests. You can view the episode agenda of any guest by clicking on their name in the master agenda grid. The guest episode agenda also uses a grid view with the dates on the left side replacing the list of guests in master agenda.

You can click on any items in the guest agenda to view it’s fulj details


  1. Login to AyushEHR.
  2. Click on Master agenda
  3. Click on the required slots and create activities for the guests.
  4. Click on the guest name to view the guest agenda
  5. Click on an activity in the grid to view activity details

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