How to schedule common activities for your resort.

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Apart from the personalized agenda and activites for every guest, resorts usually run some common activities for the benefit of all the guests. These are typically group yoga sessions, group meditation/chanting etc. Though these activities are not specific to any guest, they also require the scheduling of facilities and teachers, as with any other activity.

AyushEHR allows you to do this using the common activities module, just as you schedule guest activities using the Master agenda. This article explains how to do this.

Once you are logged into AyushEHR, you are normally taken to a page that contains the user menu on the left side. You can select the Common activities from this menu to access this module. On accessing the module, the list of common activities scheduled for the day are displayed. You can navigate to the other days using the date picker to view the common activities for that day. You can click on any activity to view it’s full details, edit, reschedule or cancel the activity.

The create button opens the form for the creation of a new common activity. You can fill up details of the activity and select a time. After that you can schedule a venue and teacher to conduct the activity and save. On selection of venue and teacher, AyushEHR checks for their availability and gives warning in case of any duplication or overlap.

Activities planned in the Common activities module are also added to the All Activities list for your resort and can be viewed and managed from there also. AyushEHR schedules the common activities against your resort and not against any guest. So these are not included in any guest’s agenda.


  1. Login to AyushEHR
  2. Click on ‘ Common Activities ‘ and navigate to the required date
  3. Click on ‘+ Create‘ button
  4. Select the activity details, time, venue, teacher and complete to save
  5. Select any activity from the common activity list
  6. View details, edit, reschedule or cancel as required
  7. Click on All Activities to view the Common activity
  8. Complete, cancel or reschedule using the actions button

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