How to schedule drivers for guest pickup and drop and monitor them

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Many of the guests to your resort come from far to enjoy your hospitality and personalized care. Often times your responsibility starts the moment they land in the nearest airport and ends only when they are safely dropped back for their return journey. So the way the airport pickup and drop are managed will make a big impact on how your guests perceive ther stay with you. Add to this the concept of Atithi Devo Bhava ingrained in the Indian hospitality tradition, where every guest becomes god personified.

Thankfully AyushEHR allows you to plan and manage your airport transfers smoothly. This how to explains how.

Once you are logged into AyushEHR, the current guest list is displayed (If it is not, you can click on Guest list-current to display it). You can go ahead and create a pickup and drop for every person displayed in the current guest list.

Click on the actions button against the guest and choose Pickup/Drop to access the Pickup/Drop module. Any pickup or drop that is already scheduled will be displayed here. If one pickup and one drop are already scheduled, the system does not allow you to create additional ones.

Click on create button to open the create form. You can choose the appropriate values and click complete to schedule the activity and assign a driver. You can add additional information such as flight details while creating the activity.

The Pickup/Drop in the user menu contains all the transfer activities scheduled for a day in the resort. This can be used by the users to keep track of any upcoming transfers to ensure that the drivers are informed in time so that the guest is not inconvenienced.


  1. Login to AyushEHR
  2. Select the current guest list module, if not already displayed
  3. Click on Actions button against the guest for scheduling pickup/drop and select Pickup/Drop
  4. View the list of already scheduled pickups and drops
  5. Click create(create button may not be visible if it is not allowed) to open the create form
  6. Fill details, select driver and click complete to schedule the activity
  7. Click on Pickup/Drop in main menu to view all the pickups and drops scheduled for the current date.
  8. Change date to view for other dates
  9. Click on an activity to manage it

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