How to schedule multiple therapists for a treatment activity?

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A large number of Ayurveda therapies need more than one therapist. To accommodate this special requirement, AyushEHR has been designed to allow more than one therapist while scheduling guest and common activities. This is one of the unique features that make AyushEHR a perfect solution for Ayurveda resorts. This article explains how this is done.

Once you are logged in to AyushEHR, the left side menu will display. Click on Master agenda module which is designed to create treatment activities for your guests and also plan the overall agenda of the resort. In the grid view of the module, you can click on an empty slot the activity scheduling form is displayed to the right of the application screen.

Apart from all the other fields, the activity scheduling form also provides a field to schedule therapists. This field looks different from the others as it has a ‘+’ sign next to it(). You can select the first therapist in this field from the available drop down values and cick this ‘+’ sign to display an additional field for selecting the second therapist.

Once both the therapists are selected, you can click complete to create the activity and schedule both the therapists for it simultaneously.


  1. Login to AyushEHR
  2. Click on Master agenda
  3. In the master agenda grid view, click on any empty slot to open create screen
  4. Add activty details and scroll down to Teacher/Therapist field
  5. Select therapist from drop down
  6. Click on ‘+’ to add a new Teacher/Therapist field
  7. Select therapist in the new field
  8. Click Add or Complete to schedule the multi-therapist activty

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