How to search and find an existing patient/guest easily

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AyushEHR enables you to search and locate your existing patient very easily. There is no need to know the hospitalID or any other difficult to remember information. This ensures that if it is a returning patient, you do not create a duplicate entry for them in the system and also maintains the integrity of his/her EHR.

The patient list screen always open with the search option active. You can start entering the value to search directly. The keyword search allows you to search using first name, last name, email or mobile of the patient.

As you start typing the search value , AyushEHR automatically starts the search. The results of the search starts appearing in the middle pane. The search results automatically gets more and more precise as you enter more characters in the search field.

Patient/guest search

The middle pane displays the result with the name, age, gender, mobile and email of the patients. You can use the scroll bar at the bottom of the result window to view these data and identify the correct patient from the list, if there are more than one.

You can click on any patient from the list to select them to start entering more information into their EHR or create a new episode/encounter for them.

Patient/guest search results display


  1. Login to AyushEHR
  2. Click on ‘ Guest List-All
  3. Start typing the first name, last name, mobile o email
  4. Select the patient to start managing their EHR

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