How to view the list of currently active patients/guests

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AyushEHR maintains a list of all patients/guests and makes them available to users as required. However overtime this list can become long and difficult to browse. The Guest List-Current feature in AyushEHR helps you overcome this problem.

Guest List-Current is the filtered list of currently active patients/guests. Any person having an episode with a status of either Planned, Confirmed or Checked in will be included in this list. During daily operations, you will be working with this group of guests/patients most of the time.

This view offers a variety of options to configure the displayed details. It also allows searching and filtering of the list to allow easy access to the required record. For example you can search using ‘checked in’ to view only checked in guests/patients.

The red indicator marks the episodes that have overdue actions and need attention, such as a checked n guest with past checkout date or a guest with past check in date.

The list also offers direct access to a variety of actions that you can perform for the guests/patients in the list.

Guest list -current


  1. Login to AyushEHR as a staff
  2. Guest List-Current is displayed. If some other module is displayed because of the settings for your role, you can click on the module from the menu.
  3. Click on ‘ Search ‘ box
  4. Type in a name or episode status(Checked in/Planned/Confirmed/Cancelled) to get a filtered list. 
  5. Select the items to view using the settings icon
  6. Click on Actions to access list of available actions

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