R 0.4.2 beta – 7 November 2017

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  1. Master agenda enhancements
    • Posture correction option limited to Yoga sessions
    • Per room participation option creates sessions for all guests in the room
  2. Guest agenda enhancements
    • Active episode based tabular agenda. Tabular view limited to agenda dates and displayed with dates on left and time slots on the top
    • Colour coded activities
  3. Changes to My Activities
    • Renamed ‘My Tasks’ to ‘My Activities’
    • Option to record details of service rendered for activity completion
    • Option to record internal Notes/Observations for activity completion
  4. Terminology server integration for Complaints module
    • Integration with SNOMED terminology server
    • Enable selection and coding of Complaint & Body site from SNOMED terminology
  5. Enhancements to PDF download
    • Updated PDF download for Health and Wellness consult forms

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