R 1.0.4 – 20 November 2017

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  1. Master agenda
    • Implemented back-end logic for performance improvement
    • Fixed the time format inconsistency
    • Moved list view to separate ‘All Activities’ & ‘All Feedbacks’ menus
  2. Guest agenda
    • Improved print format & layout
    • Added header & footer image option
    • New group activity display in print
  3. New ‘All Activities’ user space menu
    • Displays all planned activities across the organization
    • View details and complete activity across users
  4. New ‘All Feedbacks’ user space menu
    • Displays all completed activities and feedback across the organization
  5. New ‘Feedback’ EHR space menu
    • Displays all completed activities per person
    • View details and record feedback for completed activities. To be used to gather feedback from guests
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