R 1.1.10 – 23 January 2018

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  • New task management service – Moved activity planning to the new task management service for improved performance and additional features
  • User space screens – Search & filter enabled by default. Automatic focus on page load to reduce clicks
  • User space screens – Compact screen view for more viewing space on screen
  • User space screens – Date picker for random date navigation
  • Guest list – Current – Warning indicators for episodes needing action
  • Room availability – Direct keyboard data entry option
  • Room availability – Click empty slot to add episode
  • Room availability – Click episode to view/edit episode details
  • Master agenda – Guest list filtered to show only those who are active on the selected date
  • Master agenda – Additional service and teacher/therapist selection
  • Master agenda – Add option to create multiple activities from same screen
  • Master agenda – Edit guest name in activity create screen
  • Master agenda – Pop-up to confirm multiple guest selection for ‘per room’ activity
  • Master agenda – Per slot duplicate activity validation
  • Master agenda – Multiple service indicator in grid. Shows ‘(+)’ when more than one service selected
  • Master agenda – Email notification for teacher/therapist on new activity assignment and modification to assigned activity
  • All activities – Warning indicators for activities needing action
  • My activities – Warning indicators for activities needing action
  • TV Screen – Redesigned layout for optimum display on TV

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