R 1.2.16 – 14 February 2018

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  • Geographic map of customers dashboard – Location of all customers displayed on world map
  • Customer by month dashboard – Bar chart of monthly customer counts for the past 12 months
  • Activities by class dashboard – Pie chart of all activities by class for past 12 months
  • Customers by age group dashboard – Bar chart of all customers by age group and gender
  • Customer by length of stay dashboard – Bar chart of episode counts by episode duration


  • Usability – Indication for mandatory fields in all modules
  • Usability – More meaningful data entry error messages
  • Usability – Time also displayed for ‘Created/edited date’ in all clinical modules
  • Guest list – Current – Implemented logic to handle multiple episodes for one person
  • Episode management – Multi-accordion form for easy data entry and grouping of data
  • Episode management – Added new Booking section for booking related information
  • Episode management – Streamlines reason for visit option entry to allow multiple selection
  • Episode management – Improved usability with easy status update without edit
  • Episode management – Implemented login to select current episode from multiple active episodes
  • Episode management – Validation to prevent multiple checked in episodes
  • Episode management – Warning indicators for episodes needing action
  • Master agenda – Validation for duplicate teacher/therapist & facility schedule
  • Master agenda – Edit per room activities
  • Master agenda – Change single activity to per room activity, with pop up to confirm participant selection

Bug fixes

  • Fixed updating of created by and created/edited date on editing content in all modules
  • Overall bug fixes and cleanup across all modules

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