R 1.9.3 – 21 September 2018

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  • Email EHR forms – Send completed EHR forms to the guest
  • Configurable SMTP server – Configure the SMTP server to use at an organization level so that mails can be sent using the user’s email ID
  • Configurable Email templates – Configure email templates at an organization level


  • Ability to display 9th slot in master agenda at run time
  • Hide/open Details, Edit and Create forms to view full master agenda
  • Option to display full screen view of EHR forms
  • Added total count in guest agenda count view
  • Display visible warning when form is submitted without required data
  • Keyboard date entry in Demographics
  • Reuse last address data in person create screen. Useful when registering family members with the same address
  • Changes to form fields and view based on client inputs
  • Improved EHR form layout, behavior and usability
  • Display guest name in user notes


  • Improvements to registration form pdf layout


  • New activity list export from Activity count report

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