R 2.1.4 – 21 January 2019

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  • New pickup/drop scheduling module. Initiate from current guest list actions button. Scheduled activities to appear in all activities, my activities and activity reports
  • Profession in person demographics
  • Accompanying person details in Episode
  • Description field added for bowel movements section in wellness summary
  • Price, default time and buffer time configuration for activities. Displayed on activity create with an option to modify


  • Upgraded terminology service. Includes ICD10 code lookup using SNOMED CT codes
  • Improved SNOMED CT search for more appropriate results
  • Enabled duration entry for resolved date as exact date is often not available
  • Separate first name and last name in episode report
  • Gender filter in episode report
  • Keyboard date entry for visa and passport details
  • Date period selection for reports – Staff, Facility, Episodes, Bed occupancy, Room occupancy and Package
  • Increased max open slots in master agenda from 9 to 11
  • Rationalized and organized all organization configurations. Application returns to login page if configuration not loaded properly

Bug fixes

  • Display of data from adjacent month in episode report
  • Booking source and travel agency not displaying in episode report
  • Registration form print not working
  • Wrong time overlap warning displayed. Excluded current activity in overlap check
  • Wrong “No guest found” error on guest search before completion of search
  • Problem with data retrieval in Anthropomentry module
  • Wrong time overlap message for therapist and facility for adjacent slots
  • Wrong time in task notification emails
  • Unable to close search window in all guest list. Unable to reopen once closed

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