R 2.2.2 – 6 February 2019

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  • Organization level patient ID. Configurable prefix and start#. HospitalIP and HospitalOP types. Created at person registration and displayed on patient banner, demographic details & registration form pdf.
  • New episodes menu in guest space. Displays list of all episodes of the person. Click to view episode details. Access agenda for any episode from actions menu


  • Pop up warning on guest agenda print if more than 8 slots are open. Upto 11 slots are allowed in the UI
  • Key board date entry for onset dates in Complaints & Diagnosis modules
  • New status filter for staff report
  • Session level master agenda slot selection settings. Once selected stays for the entire session
  • Guest agenda print standardized at 7 days per page
  • Show warning message if hidden slots have planned activities on agenda print
  • Warning of data loss in master agenda if any slot is clicked in full screen mode when the hidden panel has create/edit form
  • Master agenda notification if activity edited/created by other users. Click to view last 10 activities
  • Warning on pre-poning of checkout date if activities planned after the selected date. Useful when guests checkout earlier than planned date.
  • Prevent teacher/therapist closing any activity if previous ones are still open. Ensures that activities are closed regularly
  • Ensure mandated data are collected before checkin. The required data points can be configured at organization level
  • In master agenda, display details of activities on mouse over
  • Date range selection for Geography, guest by age & guest by stay duration reports

Bug fixes

  • Error in display of activities on clicking staff name in staff report
  • Report settings not working in Activity report
  • Report settings not working in Facility usage report
  • Activity list CSV export not showing second service and teacher/therapist

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