What are the email functionalities in AyushEHR?

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AyushEHR allows a variety of email notifications to be sent from the application. While some of these are triggered automatically by user actions, the others can be manually triggered by the users. Currently this functionality is available for the following

  • Password recovery – A ‘forgot password’ request by a user will trigger an email to the registered email of the user with the password reset link
  • Task notification – Users are notified when a task is assigned to them. This is triggered automatically
  • Send forms/reports – Users can initiate sending of pdf versions of forms/reports to guest/patient from within AyushEHR
  • Support ticket/feedback – Logged in users can raise support tickets from inside the application. This will be sent by email to the AyushEHR support team email
  • Support ticket/feedback confirmation – The user will be notified of the receipt of the support tickets and feedback

While the Password recovery, Task notification & Support ticket/feedback confirmation are managed centrally the Send forms/reports & Support ticket/feedback require the organization to configure their own SMTP service. It is also important that we capture the emails IDs of the users and guests for successful email delivery

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